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Translating CIR to True Color - Color Infrared images are created not so much for their color accuracy or aesthetic value, but because they are so useful for scientific analysis. This topic is discussed in detail in this special tutorial from Doug Armknecht.

RADARSAT-2 Polarimetry Applications
RADARSAT-2, planned for a late 2003 launch, is an advanced SAR satellite. Key features of RADARSAT-2 are high resolution (3 m), polarimetric modes, enhanced ground system providing rapid satellite tasking and near-real time data processing, improved image location accuracy, and on-board solid state recorders. The focus of this paper is on the RADARSAT-2 polarimetric capability.

UNDERGROUND VIEW OF WORLD TRADE CENTER AREA - NASA will apply its image-processing expertise to enhance underground radar images of the area around the World Trade Center in New York, providing a clearer picture of what's beneath the surface.

Airborne Laser Swath Mapping: Applications to Shoreline Mapping - Airborne laser swath mapping is particularly well suited to mapping linear topographic features, and for the first time offers an economically viable method to map a wide variety of scientifically interesting features including shorelines and beaches. More on this in this paper from the University of Florida.

Roadway Imaging: A New Solution to an Old Problem - Surveying is an age-old art, most likely dating back to ancient Egypt... Advances in surveying, including aerial photography and satellite imaging, greatly facilitate accuracy in measurement gathering. Even with such technological refinements, however, surveying is notoriously time-consuming and, more often than not, prohibitively expensive.

Sustaining Lobster Fisheries
Information on the ecology of Penobscot Bay has formed the basis for an intensive analysis of the bay's lobster fishery. By combining data from satellites and field sampling with the local knowledge of fishermen, the project has created a broader understanding of the fishery that includes much of its ecological context.

From Ship to Shore to Satellites
It used to be that the Marine Communications & Traffic Services (MCTS) branch of the Canadian Coast Guard was primarily interested in any target than 50 miles from Canada’s shores. But then September 11th came, and as it’s happened to so many government agencies, the MCTS’ service responsibility changed. Read on for more on this from Mary Jo Wagner

Imaging, Photogrammetry, Surveying and GPS - GIS Data Collection for the 21st Century
This paper looks at the various methods of GIS database creation with an emphasis on new update and maintenance techniques from the surveying world. It also addresses the use of new imagery data sources for data capture and discusses new capabilities for managing and updating the quality of existing databases.

Building A California Kelp database using GIS
California kelp is among the most important resources in the State's coastal ecosystem. This paper describes the Department of Fish and Game's kelp data acquisition methodology, data types, and processing methods, including aerial photography, satellite imagery, scanning, georeferencing, custom programming, and documentation.

Using The Landsat 7 Viewer
The Landsat 7 Image Viewer Version 1.1 ( uses a graphical interface to navigate the global Landsat 7 archive managed by the U.S. Geological Survey. The viewer is explained in this special contribution.

Monitoring Abandoned Mines, Mining Hazards and the Results of Mine Site Rehabilitation and Restoration - At the forefront of the technological curve for abandoned mine monitoring is high- resolution Earth-observation (EO) satellite imagery. This technology only recently became available to the commercial user as a result of changes in government and military restrictions on the application of optical satellites, and this article provides a brief overview of the technology and the benefits derived from using high-resolution satellite imagery for abandoned mine monitoring.

The SRTM Mapping Mission, 2 years later - It's been more than 2 years and many of you are now wondering about the status and availability of SRTM data. This SRTM feature serves to bring you up to date and will help you locate and download the derivative SRTM data products.

NOAA Remote Sensing Expertise Aids in World Trade Center Disaster Recovery Efforts - NOAA's National Geodetic Survey and Aircraft Operations Center mapped the wreckage of the World Trade Center in support of recovery and cleanup efforts following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

Landsat 7 - Landsat is the United States' oldest land-surface observation satellite system. A complete decription of the sensor is offered here.

Quickbird - The QuickBird is the first of a constellation of spacecraft that offers highly accurate, commercial high-resolution imagery of Earth. Read on for more!

Radarsat 1 - The RADARSAT - 1 program originated as an ambitious program undertaken by the Canadian Space Agency to develop and launch the world’s first civilian operational radar-equipped satellite. RADARSAT -1 marks Canada’s entry into remote sensing satellites and was the beginning of a new Canadian legacy.

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