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Corporate Overview - RSI Corporate Profile

RADARSAT International: Providing Information Solutions from Space

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RADARSAT International (RSI) was formed in 1989, and over the years has established itself as a reputable provider of information solutions based on satellite-derived data. By combining information obtained from Earth observation (EO) satellites with other data sources such as climate/field data, baseline geographic information, and Internet-based information, RSI has successfully responded to the changing business needs of the spatial data community.

RADARSAT International (RSI) is a worldwide distributor of Earth observation satellite data and works with its strategic partners to:
  • create cost-effective, custom products and services to meet the unique requirements of operational applications such as crop monitoring, ice reconnaissance, geological mapping, disaster management, forest management, ship detection, and land use management
  • enhance response times by continually improving fast delivery capabilities
  • develop training programs to educate users on the applications of satellite imagery and implementation of operational solutions
  • identify new applications for satellite imagery

RSI's partners include an international network of more than seventy distributors, ten ground receiving stations, and eleven resource centres, all of whom offer near-real time services, data processing, and/or training to local users.

RSI's long history of innovation can be attributed to the adoption of ground-breaking technology, along with the exceptional commitment to its partners and clients. Our clients are sophisticated users of EO data and often combine information from many different satellites to ensure an accurate "picture" of what they are monitoring.

RSI provides data from most commercially-available (and soon to be available) EO satellites, including RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2, LANDSAT 4/5, LANDSAT 7, IKONOS, IRS, ERS, SPOT, QuickBird, and ENVISAT. This integrated, multi-sensor approach keeps our clientele at the cutting edge of advanced information solutions, and offers support to resource managers, disaster agencies, decision-makers, and other users of satellite-based information.
Your Success is Our Success
Whether you require satellite data or information from that data, RSI will help meet your business requirements and develop innovative ways to overcome your project challenges. RSI works with both large and small service providers, and is affiliated with various joint ventures and other collaborations fostering innovative product development. RSI understands that combining spatial data with value- added services, along with technology offerings, provides immense value for its clients and serves to differentiate its offerings from those offered by competitors.

Working together, RSI has established a reputation for providing first-rate services to our clients. RSI's commitment to providing quality products and services, technical expertise, training and project management in a cost-effective manner, has led to a worldwide user base of over 600 clients in more than 60 countries, spanning a wide range of industries.
Operational Solutions and Innovative Products
RSI's services have evolved to meet the demands and expectations of today's changing markets and business needs. The company is continually developing operational solutions and innovative products, and together with its partners helps support:
  • Oil basin screening, offshore and continental oil exploration
  • Geological mapping
  • Monitoring of illegal fishing activity
  • Ice mapping and charting for ship navigation
  • Cartographic mapping, DEMs, mosaics, RADARmaps
  • Crop acreage information
  • Disaster monitoring and mapping
  • Land surveillance and monitoring
  • Ship surveillance and monitoring
RSI's Clients Include:
  • International Organizations and NGOs e.g. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Federal and state government agencies e.g. United States Geological Survey (USGS- USA), United States Departmental of Agriculture (USDA-USA), National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA-India), Canadian Ice Service (CIS- Canada).
  • International and national resource companies e.g. Globally focussed oil and exploration companies
  • Private industry e.g. environmental and technical consultants
Reaching People Around the World
Wireless communication, Internet accessibility and web-enabled databases allow RSI to centralize data sources so that the information is accessible to local, regional, and national governments, as well as the general population--easily and cost-effectively. RSI has strongly positioned itself as a major player in the integration of traditional EO data along with other sources, to support knowledge- driven decision making such as crop acreage calculations, post-disaster compensation, detection of illegal marine activities, and ship routing.

Working jointly with our clients and partners, RSI is changing the way it does business to meet the demands of its clients today, and into the future.

Shifting to Suit your Business Needs In today's world, success depends on getting the information you need - when you need it. At RSI, we have tailored our services to meet the demands and expectations of our clients, and are proud to offer unparalleled operational flexibility in our services.

The service offerings have evolved over the years, to the point where RSI, with its international partners, now offers a wide range of services and enhancements, to include:
  • Information delivery via the Internet
  • Rapid, in-house data processing
  • Highly responsive satellite programming
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Training and technology transfer
  • Toll-free number within North America
  • Project management
  • Derived information services
  • GIS Implementation

The "One-Stop-Shop" RSI prides itself on being a "one-stop-shop" for satellite information solutions. RSI's product line features RADARSAT-1, the world's first radar remote sensing satellite program entirely dedicated to operational applications. Its state-of-the-art capabilities provide resource management and environmental monitoring professionals around the globe with a new and reliable view of the Earth's surface, including the ability to acquire cloud-free imagery regardless of illumination conditions.

The future launches of the RADARSAT-2 and RADARSAT-3 satellites will provide data continuity required for long-term operational planning. In addition to this leading edge Canadian technology, RSI prides itself on also being a globally competitive source for a wide array of products and services derived from multiple optical satellite programs, such as QUICKBIRD, LANDSAT and others.

See Also RADARSAT International Planning Process Overview

To Contact RSI:
tel: 1-604-231-5000

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